Chaplains - Summitt Trucking

Summitt Trucking would like to introduce all of you to our Driver Chaplain Program

Question: “What is a chaplain? What do chaplains do?”

Chaplains may or may not be certified, have a theological education, or be ordained or commissioned by a particular denomination, though many are. While chaplaincy has traditionally been associated with representatives of the Christian faith, the term is now used for representatives of any faith. Some chaplains are expected to represent multiple faiths, acting as a sort of neutral spiritual resource.

Chaplains are expected to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others. Some chaplains perform wedding or funeral ceremonies, administer communion, deliver spiritual messages, offer prayer at public meetings, and provide regular counseling. Other chaplains meet the need of the moment, usually through listening and prayer. Chaplains may also function as advocates; hospital chaplains, for example, may make requests of a nurse to help meet a particular patient’s needs; military chaplains may provide for marriage enrichment retreats.

Chaplains work in many environments. Most commonly, chaplains are attached to the military, to hospitals, to law enforcement and fire departments, to political bodies (such as the United States Congress and Senate), to sports teams, and to educational institutions. Some corporations, music groups, and even households (historically the nobility, and now certain monarchs), may also employ chaplains.
We will be advising you of our Chaplain YouTube Channel Address, and we will have a link to it in our APP.
Also, all of your prayer requests that come through the APP will be directed to our Driver Chaplains.
You can also reach the Chaplains at their email:
We have 4-5 Drivers that have chosen to participate in the Chaplain program as Driver Chaplains.
Interested in finding out about Summitt’s Chaplain program? Talk to Bill Matthews, Lori Higgs or Paula Willis to find out more! Please reach out for any and all support that you may need. These are drivers that know what it is to live and work on the road!

Bill Mathews (
Born and raised here in Louisville, KY area. Graduated in 1989, then served 10 years in the navy which included desert shield/desert storm. Lived the cliché sailor’s life, which continued once I got out. Came to Summitt in 2004, so not right from the start, but really close. I finally came to my senses and began to earnestly search, and in August of 2015, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. It has only been 2 years, but it has been an amazing 2 years. I am still learning, but with the Holy Spirit guiding me, I feel I have learned so much and have much to share.
Those who know me, could attest to some change, but could also attest to some of my sameness, but I feel that I am still going through my growth process, as all do who look to abandon the things of this world for the better things of heaven. We are all fallen, and can only strive ahead, picking ourselves up when we stumble. I am a member of Okolona Christian Church. I have taught some Bible study classes, and am working with our leadership to create new studies for our members.

Lori Higgs (
I became a Christian in October of 1987. Due to turmoil in my family and depression I believed when a babysitter starting sharing Christ with me.

I quickly fell away because the doctrine of the church made me question what kind of a God I served. I guess I just decided that there was no way I could or would ever be good enough to be really chosen by God. I did not know that God was currently at work in my life and He was working out the turmoil in my family- I couldn’t see it because of my disbelief. Thru more turmoil in my life and family, He did turn everything around about 2 years later, unfortunately, it came about thru the loss of my first son- and near death for me in the process. He filled our emptiness, He fixed our family, He got our lives on track-we had to let him though. Since then, I have made so many mistakes, I have made so many wrong choices, I have allowed my “self” to rise up when she doesn’t belong but I know that when I give it all back to God, He steers me to the place I am meant to be. I just need to stop going backwards so much. I know He loves me, I know He forgives me and still uses me despite my flaws. I have done some good things as well but it is by His grace and kindness for choosing me.

I am a member of Eastside Christian Church in Jeffersonville, IN.
I have been on mission trips to Nicaragua and still support a family there.

Paula Willis (
I was born and raised in Elizabethtown, KY. I was adopted when I was 2 years old and was separated from my biological mom, dad and sisters for 26 years until about 25 years ago.
I asked the Lord Jesus to be my Lord Savior at 11 years old but didn’t have a close personal relationship with the Lo

rd until 10 years ago. God is a God of reconciliation. Reconciliation is what he did for me. First with him then with my family. Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us. He never gives up on us no matter how far we run, he loves us so much. Our father God has his arms open for us to come home to him. I know I’m here today because someone prayed for me.

There was a lady, a dear friend Brenda that came to work here at Summitt. I had the pleasure of training her. At the time I didn’t go to church and she did. She and her church family prayed for me, I didn’t know this at the time. It was those prayers and her love for Jesus that changed my life.

He helped me lay down the past and start a new life. In June of this year I was humbled to become ordained. During this time I have had the honor and privilege to pray with people and see lives changed, thru the love of Jesus. We was not created to walk through this life by ourselves. That’s why we have a savior and a friend in Jesus. Yes prayer changes things and it can change you.