Common Recruiting Questions and Answers - Summitt Trucking
At Summitt, we believe in being as honest as possible with all our drivers. Our recruiters are not paid a commission, so they have no obligation to anyone but YOU. We want you to be confident Summitt is the right fit for you, so we recommend that you ask us any and all questions you may have about our company.

To get you started, below is a list of frequently asked questions.


What are the lanes I will be on? Will I be on a consistent lane, or will it vary?
Up to you, Driver! We have static lanes out of Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. We also offer City positions (based on current availability) out of Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. We hire OTR drivers from almost anywhere east of the Mississippi.
What is a ‘static lane?’
Great question! Here at Summitt, we have coined the term ‘Staticated’ or static lane to describe many of our lanes. This is our way of saying you’ll be on a consistent lane. Many companies will run dedicated lanes from point A to B, but we will run ‘Staticated’ lanes from point A to B, sometimes to C, but we always get you home according to that particular lane’s schedule.

Static lanes are a great way to get consistent miles and get the home time you want.

What kind of miles will I get?
Again, that’s up to you! Want to stay out for weeks at a time? Go for it. Would you like to get on a static lane to get you home every other day? If we have an opening for a lane in your area, we will gladly accept you. Home nightly? Ask about our city driving jobs in Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Our average solo OTR drivers get between 2500 and 3500 miles/week. We have static lane drivers getting anywhere from 2400 consistent miles to 3600 consistent miles.

Will I have a dedicated driver manager?
You sure will. Every DM here has about 20-25 drivers they are dedicated to.
Is your freight no touch?

80%+ drop and hook/ no touch freight

Where are your main hubs?

Louisville, KY; Brooks, KY. We have drop yards in Cincinnati, OH, Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, and Indianapolis, IN.

What type of freight do you haul?
General commodities. All dry van and some reefer.
If road conditions are unsafe to drive due to weather, will I be penalized for parking until it is safe?
Safety of our employees and the general public always takes priority.
What will my schedule be? When is my home time?

Our Static Lane drivers get home on a regular, consistent schedule – some of these drivers are home every few days.

Summitt OTR drivers are home every 7-10 days, unless they ask to stay out longer.


What equipment will I have?

All of our trucks are 2020 and newer. We run mostly Freightliner Cascadias, but we have some Volvos and Internationals in the fleet.

Are your trucks automatic or manual?

100% of the trucks in our fleet are automatic.

Inverter policy? APU in trucks?
Most of our trucks come with an inverter. In a truck without one? If you would like an inverter, let us know! Our shop will put one in.

Most trucks have an APU. If the truck does not have an APU, you are authorized to idle.

Refrigerators? Do they come in trucks?
Many of our trucks have refrigerators. If you are in a truck without one, we offer you a plug in cooler, free of charge to you.
Do you have slip-seat trucks?
We only slip-seat city trucks. Only in some instances will OTR trucks be shared on occasion.
Can I take my truck home?
If OTR or static lane drivers are far from a terminal and/or drop yard, we will evaluate to determine if you have a safe place nearby to park. We will evaluate on a case by case basis. Call us to find out!
What speed are trucks governed at?
For the safety of our employees and the general public, we govern our trucks at 65mph. It helps with the fuel economy too!
What is your passenger policy?
OTR and static lane drivers can have a rider. Rider must be approved through safety.
What is your pet policy?

Any cat or dog under 75 lbs that is approved can ride. Call to find out how to get your pet approved.


What about benefits?
Yes, we offer full benefits. Medical, dental, vision, life, 401K, and paid vacation.
What can I expect my annual earnings to be?

As a Company Solo Driver you can make up to $75,000 annually based on .60 cpm. Team drivers can make up to $110,000 annually based on .90 cpm split. We have additional bonuses that can earn you more money.

How does the pay period work? What OTR Scanning software do you use? Do bills have to be sent in by a certain day to get paid during a week?

Our pay period begins on Sunday at 12am and goes until Saturday at 11:59pm. Bills must be scanned within 24 hours of delivery. We use the Vector mobile app to make this process quick and easy for you!

What miles are paid miles and what miles are not?

For company drivers all dispatched miles are paid, loaded and empty. Miles are paid based on PC Miler version 34.


Where is Orientation?

Orientation is at our company headquarters in Brooks, Kentucky.

How is Orientation structured?

Orientation runs Monday through Wed, extended as needed. All drivers complete a DOT Drug Screen and Physical as well as complete a Road Test with our Trainer

What is the pay during Orientation?

We pay Company Drivers $350 total for 4 days on the drivers first paycheck.

Are travel, lodging and meals paid for during Orientation?
Yes. We arrange your travel, lodging, breakfast is provided by the hotel and lunch each day is provided by Summitt Trucking LLC.


Is your company publicly or privately held?
Summitt is a family owned and operated privately held company. Dave Summitt stills runs the company to this day.
How many total employees do you have?

About 160 drivers and about 120 office and maintenance employees.

How many drivers do you have?

About 160, most of which are company drivers.