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What sets us apart? Our People, Our employees. What sets our Logistics and brokerage apart from other providers? Our people. We have established a team of logistics professionals that combines the experience and tradition that has formed the industry over the years with newer, fresh perspectives from our younger, in tune with today’s generation dispatch teams. The success of our company is directly related to our quality people working side by side to ensure we cover every aspect of your business and remain a step ahead of our competition. With the right people with the most experience and best logistics partners and equipment, we are ready to tackle your most challenging project. “This is the thing we know well, and we do that well”  


Our approach to growth has been consistent…we invest in quality people and quality carrier partners to continue to enhance what we do and leverage innovation for the future. With the right people, equipment and processes, we can successfully bid and perform logistics services for customers. This philosophy has helped Summitt Logistics & Brokerage grow in reputation, capability and asset partners. Summitt Logistics & Brokerage offers qualified project managers, dispatchers and customer service representatives with many years of experience in their fields. We use the most up-to-date transportation software to stay on track of your shipments and provide you with regular updates before you have to wonder where in transit your product may be. No matter what challenges we face – such as weather, aggressive scheduling and JIT shipments – we guarantee we will not promise what we cannot deliver and our qualified carrier partners will deliver as promised.


Regardless of your industry, the places where you do business, or the complexity of your transportation requirements, we add efficiencies with our unique transportation management system. Our experienced global logistics experts design innovative solutions to meet your unique needs, and deliver the results that drive your business.
  • BROKERAGE – As a capacity solutions provider, Summitt’s team leverages our knowledge of the market and our relationships with our carrier partners to provide our customers a complete transportation solution.
  • WAREHOUSING/DISTRIBUTION – Summitt plays an integral role in our customer’s supply chain by providing a variety of distribution channels and direct shipping solutions. We provide customized services including cross-docking, consolidations, JIT delivery, materials management and sub-assembly to market delivery. With our network of partners, we can provide warehousing services in any area of the United States and Canada.
  • TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT – Summitt designs and implements solutions to meet our customers’ requirements, adding value to their existing supply chain. We provide experienced 3PL representatives to manage your freight and ensure you, as a customer, are provided with the most up-to-date, efficient movement of your product, optimizing material flow throughout your supply chain.


While some 3PL companies talk about their services, at Summitt Logistics & Brokerage we deliver our services everyday with every shipment. We tackle every shipment with a team of experienced professionals, all dedicated to going the extra mile for our customer’s satisfaction. Our teams work 24 hours a day/7 days a week whenever you need them. Our dedication to your needs doesn’t stop at the end of the day. We work closely with our transportation partners to track your shipments, ensuring you know where your freight is in transit before your day begins and throughout the transit. Summitt Logistics & Brokerage services include both full truckload and LTL shipments anywhere in North America, including Canada and Mexico. Our dispatch team has extensive, industry specific expertise. In addition, each member of our management team brings over 25 years experience in the transportation industry as well. Our Logistics and Brokerage Services include:
  • Freight analysis across all major modes of transportation
  • Van, Flatbed, Refrigerated, LTL and High Value Services
  • Rate negotiations
  • Contractual and Spot Market Movements
  • Carrier Management and Compliance
  • Inbound and Outbound Freight Management
  • Expedited and JIT Capacity
  • Logistics Service Teams dedicated to each account
At Summitt we perform a minimum of two check calls each day your freight is on the road to ensure it arrives on time. In addition, our web tools allow you to view the status of your loads any time, any place.


Power Only is one of the greatest secrets in transportation A Truck owner and or company will provide Summitt Logistics & Brokerage a tractor and a driver. Peak, in turn will take over all dispatching of the driver and provide all trailers needed. These trips can vary from Short Haul to Long Haul and will be paid using PC Miler Practical Route Mileage. All trips will be paid Round Trip miles or if there are multiple pickups and or drop offs you will be paid for all miles “Continuous”. Plus additional pay for all pickups and drop offs. Power Only eliminates many struggles with having to find loads when you are empty. Eliminates the need for trailers and dispatching. Life becomes very simple when using Summitt Logistics & Brokerage and Power Only moves.


  • Pull our trailers, No Trailer cost for the Owner Operator or small fleet owner
  • New 53′ Plate Trailers with Side Skirts and Rear Tails
  • All Trailers have Blue Tree Trailer Tracking
  • Pre-loaded Trailers on both ends, NO WAITING TIME
  • Drop and hook on both ends
  • Paid Practical Route Miles
  • No Empty Miles, all Miles Paid Round Trip
  • Year Round Business
  • Paid in 30 Days, Fast Payment Options Available upon Request
  • Freight is available 24/7
  • Run as much as you want or as little as you want
  • Short Haul and Long Haul Available
  • Weekends off if you chose
  • Additional Pay for added Pick Ups and or Drop Offs
  • Continuous Runs available up to 7 days and multiple trips
  • Single Drivers and or Team Drivers Needed
  • Additional Pay for Hazmat Runs
  • Some Runs require CDL Endorsement for pulling Doubles


Summitt’s carrier network consists of over 4,000 trusted carrier partners that have been selected based on their effective service, best rates, degree of technology, greatest geographic coverage and professional drivers. Our contract partners in our network are of all sizes, including large national trucking companies, mid-sized fleets and owner operators of single trucks. By continuously collecting information on our carriers, Summitt guarantees our customers receive the highest level of quality service and an enhanced level of quality control no matter how many shipments we handle.Summitt relies on national networks of providers that constantly monitor our carriers to ensure each is properly licensed and insured, each maintain an adequate safety rating and each have spotless customer service records. Summitt not only provides the highest level of respect and courtesy to our partner dispatchers and drivers, we maintain open lines of communication 24 hours a day to ensure proactive solutions to everyday issues. Peaks driver dispatchers have access to customer loads utilizing the most effective technology available. Drivers will not be left searching for pick up numbers,directions, phone numbers or any other small item that can develop into a large problem.