Peak Logistics USA - Summitt Trucking


What is our competitive advantage? Our People, Our employees. We peak the best professional young minds, and they generate our tremendous growth rate. Our people have observed the industry over years with their practical corporate experience, and they how to deal with it. The secret recipe of being the leading logistics firm on the nation is our people, sharing their innovative ideas continuously, working hand in hand. We understand every single concern of you, we cover those every aspects, and that’s keep us one step ahead on competition. “This is the thing we know well, and we do that well”


We believe and derive our business in consistent growth. The main wheel driver on this consistent growth has been our investment on our Human Resource. We choose some creative minds, train them, and groom them to bring out innovative ideas from them. With all these things, our people, equipment, and market strategy; we are in the top of the market. This philosophy has been the secret recipe of Peak Logistics’ growth for so long. As a customer, your ‘Customer Experience’ will be awesome, we assure. We have best guys on our team, who knows how to deal with every situation of logistics field. Our software system will provide you with all up-to-date information regarding your shipment. We work in our ‘words’. We don’t give any words that we cannot keep. Brokerage: With our 4000 trusted carrier partners, and strong network, we provide our customers the best transportation solution. Warehouse/Distribution: We possess a strong network on logistics industry, and with our network, we can provide you warehousing service in anywhere in USA, and Canada. For our ‘Customer First’ policy, we provide all types of distribution channel, and direct shipping solutions to make our client’s supply chain easier. We also provide with customized services, including; cross-docking, consolidations, JIT delivery, materials management, and sub-assembly to market delivery. Transportation Management: We always design our service that will meet your requirements in best way. Our dynamic and comprehensive Transportation Management services align your supply chain with your strategic business objectives. Regardless of your industry, the places where you do business, or the complexity of your transportation requirements, we add efficiencies with our unique transportation management system. Our experienced global logistics experts design innovative solutions to meet your unique needs, and deliver the results that drive your business.


We have 4000 trusted carrier partners. We manage each and every shipment with our seasoned professional logistics industry experts, who will serve you day-in and day-out by personally monitoring all shipments, handling contingencies, and consulting with you via phone, or email. Each of our management team members is with over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry. Peak Logistics services include both full truckload and LTC shipments anywhere in Noth America, including Canada, and Mexico. Our Logistics and Brokerage Services include:
  • Freight Analysis Service for all types of transportation
  • Simple online logistics management
  • Regional, National, or International …… all types of cross-border shipments are ready to move
  • Economic pricing and rate negotiations
  • High value services like; van, flatbed refrigerated, LTC, and high value services
  • Contractual and spot market movements
  • Expedited and JIT capacity
We will disturb our client every day, with a minimum of 2 check calls, to inform them about the status of their freight. Regardless, our online facilities always let you know the status of your freight 24/7.


You have a truck, and a driver. But, you fee; it tough to get clients regularly, as market is highly competitive. The best solution for you will be going for our ‘Power Only Trucking’ facility. You will provide us your vehicle, along with a driver. We will take the charges of dispatching and adding trailers and other necessary things. We will arrange trips, which may vary from short to long haul, and you will get the best payment options of the market. Our payment ins-and-outs are:
  • We will pay you on PC Miler Practical Route Mileage system
  • All trips will be paid round trip miles
  • If there have multiple pickups and drop offs, then: all miles ‘continuous’ plus additional payment for additional pickups and drop offs
You give the charge of your vehicle to us, and after that you become tension free of dispatching and getting clients. We take over your vehicle, along with your ‘worry’ regarding this.


  • Exclusive Payment Policy:
    • ‘Run’ and ‘Get Paid Policy’. You run-you get payment.
    • Payment within 30 days. Fast payment options available upon request
    • No empty miles, al miles paid round trip
    • Additional payments for additional pickups and/ or drop offs.
    • Additional pay for Hazmat Runs
  • Run as much as you want, or little as you want
  • No need to worry about trailer. Pull our trailer without any cost
  • New 53’ Plane trailer with Side Skirts and Rear Tails
  • All trailers have Blue Tree Trailer Trucking
  • 24 hour support
  • Home weekly (if you choose)
  • No trailer maintenances
  • Drop and hook on both ends
  • Pre-loaded trailer on both ends, that’s why NO WAITING TIME
  • Utilize our vast customer base over USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Year round business
  • Continuous runs available up to 7 days and multiple trips
  • Some runs require CDL Endorsement for pulling Doubles


Peak has a diversified and reliable 4000 trusted carrier partners. These carrier partners are the main life blood of Peak. Effectiveness in service, pricing policy, technological uniqueness, professional and experts drivers; these are the selection criteria of setting carrier partner of Peak. We have all variety of contact partners, from national to international arena; to transport our freight. We regularly monitor our partner’s performance, and thus end of the day ensure a quality service experience for clients. Peak’s quality control segment is very strict; it monitors carriers to ensure each property is licensed and insured, and the customer does not have any previous spot record.


We pick the best people in our network, that’s the way we work. Our drivers and expert., and professional. We pay the highest level of respect and courtesy to our partner dispatchers and drivers. We have a better communication with our drivers, 24 hours, to solve any issues arises in day to day transportation. Our drivers are expert in technology and other communication things. That plays a major role in minimizing transportation and communication time and solving day to day issues.


We care about our partners, thus they care for us too. We provide different options of carrier payments, like’ Standard Pay, Quick Pay and focus on our clients that what meets their demand. Peak’s billing department is so efficient and our payment clearance process is quicker, and simpler than any others.