Smartway | Summitt Trucking

At Summitt Trucking, we are proud to be a SmartWay transportation provider. SmartWay Transport is the US Environmental Protection Agency’s flagship program for improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the transportation supplychain industry.

Summitt Trucking has been a member of the Smartway Transportation program since the day it was created. Summitt is strongly committed to reducing our carbon footprint in every area possible. The following are just a few of the areas where Summitt has invested a great deal of time, energy, effort and money to improve the quality of our company.

  • We utilize Rear Tail Technology across our entire fleet of over 500 trailers
  • We utilize Side Skirt Technology across our entire fleet of over 500 trailers
  • We utilize the PSI Air Inflation Systems across our entire fleet of over 500 trailers
  • Purchased 65 Thermo King Precedents units with Electric Standby
  • Purchased 10 Carrier Vector units with Electric Standby
  • We utilize Bridgestone / Firestone Lowest rolling resistance tires for the entire fleet
  • We have installed 40 All Electric Tri Pac Anti Idle Devices
  • We have installed 24 Diesel fired Tri Pac Anti Idle Devices
  • All Trucks are Road Speed Governed at 65 m.p.h.
  • All Trucks have a maximum idle period of 5 minutes before shutting down
  • Blue Tree Telematics is used to measure and monitor Idle Time
  • TMW Software is used to optimize out of route and empty miles
  • Expert Fuel Optimization Software is used to keep our trucks on route and in compliance with the fueling plan
  • Match Advice Optimization is used to match the closest available tractors and drivers to the nearest load thus reducing empty miles and improving transit times
  • Netwise Optimization is used to help achieve a load balance within traffic lanes
  • ETA Trip Alert Optimization is used to relay loads to ensure our drivers run legal and that we get the most we can from each driver without running out of route miles
  • Electronic Logs makes logs available in real time, allows for better planning of the drivers time as an asset and eliminates all paper that was associated with this process
  • We utilize the Freightliner Casdia Evolution which is the most advanced aerodynamic design available
  • Summitt utilizes Waste Oil Furnaces to heat our shop so we are able to utilize the used motor oil from our equipment to fire the furnaces
  • Summitt has installed the new fluorescent lighting technologies throughout our entire facility
  • Summitt utilizes Face Time and Go To Meeting as an alternative to travel
  • Microdea optical disk and imaging system serves as an electronic filing cabinet in lieu of making copies and storing papers