Thoughts on Safety - Summitt Trucking

Providing and maintaining a safe work environment is a vital and fundamental responsibility of all employers in our country. Serious work related injuries or deaths change lives forever. Lives of families, friends, co-workers, and sometimes even communities. These impacts can range from substantial time demands from the uninjured person to sever financial burdens. Knowing this is the reason why many companies have individuals working tirelessly to ensure the well being of its employees. From their standpoints there are two major factors that contribute to the root cause of everyone’s overall well-being:


What is Safety?  According to the Dictionary it is freedom from harm or danger; the state of being safe; the state of not being dangerous or harmful; a place that is free from harm or danger.

After reading this definition it makes one wonder: why do people view Safety in such a negative light?  Safety is here to help people stay Safe.  To help them in recognizing hazards and lowering risks. Giving them reminders to think about actions or processes and providing proper equipment and compliance with Federal entities – all of which are positive actions to help people stay Safe.  Everyone wants to go home to family and friends safely….Right?

Health & Wellness:

We all want to be the best version of our ourselves, whether needing to lose a few pounds or trying to eat a little better.   No one has a magic cure for all conditions and questions we have, but if you are interested in learning some information about eating and living a little healthier, check out this website:  This website is specifically for Truck Drivers, which is traditionally an industry that has many hurdles in regards to this, and discusses food choices on the road and at home, as well, condition management, prevention and resources to help our Driving Force help themselves.

At the end of the day health and safety is the responsibility of every individual. We have to make a personal commitment to take reasonable care of ourselves and other people and surroundings which may be affected by our decisions. A safe attitude and  proper decisions to make the right choices are essential to help guard us again the constant risks we face on a daily bases and will help ensure we are around for the ones we love. 


Alicia Leslie  – Director of Safety & HR